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Deep Change Coaching

By Nicholas Evans. © Active NLP Ltd
Deep change coaching is a 6 part framework that uproots negative life & work patterns (that's why it's called deep) and enables you to use new ways of harnessing your potential so you can live & work with a sense of purpose, achievement, connection and joy.

Who is it for?

As an incredibly life changing, powerful and positive experience, it's for anybody and everybody.
As a skill set to learn and use on others it is perfect for;
  • Therapists and coaches
  • Health and care professionals
  • Police officers, teachers, forces personell, security professionals
  • Social workers, addiction counsellors, probabtion staff
  • Managers, team leaders, consultants, self employed
  • Anyone in a leadership role or involved with developing others such as youth workers, sports coaches, and community leaders.

How is different from all the other stuff out there?

Good question and an important answer if you are thinking of spending time, effort and money learning some kind of change system for personal or professional development.

This is the #1 reason why change is sometimes easy, sometimes hard and sometimes downright impossible

Consider the following statement taken from the 'laws of suggestion'

The reason why new ideas are not accepted, even when obviously beneficial, is because there are one or more powerful contrary ideas still lying deep in the person's mind.

Along with auto-suggestion this idea of deep lying contrary beliefs is one of the most important things to bear in mind when considering change. And yet, I still see all too often hasty practitioners diving into techniques and scripts after barely getting the bones of what the person wants. The poor old client/subject has barely mentioned their reason for seeking out help before they're either tucked up ready for trance or they're getting bounced up and down their timeline like a game of past future ping pong.

There is a perfect metaphor to illustrate this point, one that is found in all cultures and is referencedextensively and consistently in one form or another throught history.

If you sow seeds on hard stony ground they simply won't grow, you have to loosen it up first, prepare it as best you can so the seed has a chance of taking root and surviving

The fact that this pearl of wisdom is so embedded in metaphors the world over shows that each of us feels the 'truth' of it. And yet, from the lousy feedback given in an office, to the scoldings given out in the schoolroom to the hasty practitioners diving straight into scripts and techniques, somehow that 'wisdom' is put aside when needed most.

I have an example from my own personal history that may help to illustrate further.

Several years ago I made a concerted effort to take control of my internal dialogue. I spent 6 months or so repeating thousands of affirmations. At first it seemed like a waste of time, nothing much happened. And the reason nothing much happened was because I didn't really believe it, I was paying lip service to it. Sure, I almost convinced myself that I would be and do all the things the affirmations were saying, but really, deep down, I didn't believe it.

And then, things did start to shift, instead of lip service, I started to actually feel it, and little by little the hard stony ground that was my internal chatter and inner world, began to develop little fissures and cracks, which widened and spread, until, and I still remember it vividly, an avalanche of realisations, clarity, joy, confidence and sense of purpose literally knocked me of my feet. The point is, I could have said those affirmations a million times but until I actually believed them nothing would have changed. And that's what we are talking about when we talk about auto-suggestion. The process or act of internalising a belief, attitude, world view so it becomes a part of you. As soon as that process started, I not only believed everything contained in those affirmations , I had the feeling it couldn't not happen, like it was fated, and before long.....my life changed.....massively. That's why it's so obvious to me that just skimming through a book on positive thinking, doing a couple of meditations now and again or, repeating "You will be thin" half a dozen times in a trancy voice, is pretty pointless unless the ground is prepared.

You need to loosen it up, the world view I mean, in NLP we call it your model of the world. And that is what the Deep Change Coaching program was designed to do. Another metaphor explains it best. When your computer is wizzing and whining but hung due to bad software or because it's got caught up in some mad recursive loop you don't go and install masses of new sogtware on top, you know that's just going to make things worse in the long run. You have to uninstall the stuff that's got out of hand, the old stuff that doesn't fit anymore, the 1.0 versions that could have been in there for years, sometimes un-noticed.

That's what the Deep Change Coaching process does first, it uses a combination of NLP & hypnosis to 'uninstal' all the jammed up programs, it doesn't start by trying to reconfigure your whole model of the world in five minutes flat, but it does get the job done properly and by the second session the majority of people are ready to accept the new empowering thoughts, ideas and perspectives that will change their life, and this time, there's a good chance those new thoughts will stick and grow.

An expert tip for you
Keep a cool head when watching or hearing about some 'wonder script' or wonder technique'. Many times these things happen on willing volunteers in very charged atmospheres, like training rooms, churches or rallies. And yes, outside of those environments a startling breakthrough can occur (like St Paul on the road to Damascus). However, the poor practitioner or hypnotherapist given the credit for such an amazing turnaround may have been nothing more than the green light needed to start the avalanche. Or worse, the excuse needed for the putting into action plans long in the making and destined to be fulfilled one way or another.

Client: "I took your advice and left my job/husband/wife"
Coach: "I didn't say do that!"
Client: "Well, whatever you did... it worked!; so thanks, I'm off."

A silly example, but has happened!.

More likely is that in the real world the willing volunteers are thin on the ground and the atmosphere is about as far away from a Tony Robbins gig as you can get. To make the profound changes in our lives, the lives of our families, our kids, our friends, work colleagues (clients, employees, bosses) in our communities , and in society we need need robust, user friendly tools we can rely on to work day in and day out, not just every now again under special circumstances.

And that's exactly what you get with the Deep Change Coaching process. It doesn't promise a quick fix, 6 sessions of an hour to an hour and a half each, but it does create the kind of change you want....long lasting and natural.

To sum up, the Deep Change Coaching process lies somewhere between therapy and coaching. It was developed to be a reliable framework for anyone in a leadership role; community leaders, youth workers, teachers, adventure tour guides, surfing instructors, prime ministers, the title is irrelevant, it was made for roles not titles, otherwise we'd call it the 'advanced deluxe secret executive business deep change coaching model and sell it for 10 grand a pop!

It is another of Nick Evans' multi-model tool-kits, and yes, this one took about 15 years to refine too, becauae these tools are forged in real life, in practice. They evolve by the doing and nothing else, by the trial and error, the getting it wrong and the learning how to do it better next time. They're shaped by the shape of the real world not wishful thinking. Anyone can sit at a desk and compile techniques, strategies, guidelines or whatever, but if they can't be proved in the real world, well, what good are they? And for whose benefit are they being created?

That's why we can assure you that Deep Change Coaching is not only different, it's better, it has a real world integrity about it and it's unique to the Active NLP Diamond Practitioner Training.

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