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Who is Diamond Practitioner training for?

By Nicholas Evans. © Active NLP Ltd
5 Modules A world of possibility:

We have been structuring the courses in a modular format for ovefr 10 years. Several years ago Nick Evans realised that there is a huge diminishing return on spending time and money learning more and more NLP techniques or set hypnosis structures. The reason being......They are all just variations of a handful of core patterns.

Nick then dedictet himself to designing a training format that could teach these higher level patterns and pruduce first class practitioners, practitioners that could use NLP and hypnosis elegantly and creatively instead of relying on pre-defined techniques written by others.

This training format is called Diamond Design because the 5 modules that make up the complete NLP and hypnosis skill set are arranged in diamond formation, each one interacting and enhancing the others.

Apart from the skill level advantage there are are other benefits to learning NLP and hypnosis in this way; a big one being flexibility.

When you learn patterns rather than predifined techniques you get by default a good structural understanding of how NLP and hypnosis actually work. You can then apply them to absolutely any field, therapy, coaching, teaching, business and more. Of course different trainers and different providers have their preferences, some lean towards business and some towards therapy/coaching.

Our own courses have followed pretty much the same trajectory since Nick ran his first Practitioner in 2004.
  • Professionals looking to become self employed therapists or coaches: 40%.
  • Existing therapists and coaches wanting to add NLP skill set: 30%.
  • Professionals looking to work in other areas of people development 20%.
  • People wanting use NLP for personal growth: 10%.
Course members come from a range of professions, for example; social workers, patient liaison managers, serving forces, serving police, ex forces and police, designers and other creative industries, small business owners, HR managers and more.

Diamond Practitioner training doesn't teach anyone to be therapists per se but it does teach you a powerful skill set that you can apply in any area of people development.

Types of courses
There are two levels of Practitioner, NLP only and NLP combined with Hypnosis.

Realistically, 3 modules is the minimum needed for any professional tool-kit. However, with previous experience and qualifications it is possible to step onto more advanced modules straight away. we recommend the combined Practitioner as a really good general skill set and the Fasttrack Hypnotherapist as a good core hypnosis skill set. Although both are considered entry level courses (with numerous start dates throught the year) there is more than enough marerial in both for the most challenging aspects of life and work.

All modules comprise of three days face to face training Friday to Sunday.

Both of the 9 day NLP Practitioner courses meet and exceed by far the requirements for joining the biggest NLP professional body in the UK which is the Association of NLP (ANLP)

5 module Diamond Practitioner
The full 5 module Diamond course is really a Master Practitioner. It requires 15 days face to face training and plenty of work outside of the training room. It gives you a rare understanding of what NLP and Hypnosis are actually trying to achieve and how they achieve it. You also as a matter of course come to understand what in each of them is worth mastering at all and what is, quite frankly, a waste of time paying attentiion to because something else does it far, far better.

We are still amazed at how just a handful of higher level patterns can build the most amazing journeys for people, full of 'ah ha ' moments and revelations, tears yes but freedom and joy too. Many practitioners come back and complete the extra modules and some are getting involved in the trainers program we are running later in the year.

Quality & flexibility.
Founder and lead trainer Nick Evans is an an INLPTA accredited NLP Trainer. INLPTA have been considered for many years as the most rigorous and professional NLP body in the world. They demand years of training to be a certified trainer rather than months and expect trainers like Nick to have a wide working knowledge of other fields as well as NLP.

The 15 day Diamond course comes with accreditation as an INLPTA Practitioner of NLP as well as the raft of NLP and hypnosis awards from RNLPP. As you no doubt know, NLP, just like counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, clinical hypnotherapy, CBT and coaching, is not governed by any statutory regulation in the UK. Professional bodies are all private companies. Our 3 and 5 module courses are more than enough to fulfil membership requirements of the ANLP and more, plus they are not self certificated like many. You can actually prove you have the skills and knowledge you say you have via a signed training log covering course standards and codes of practice.

The Six Step Coaching model.
The combined NLP/Hypnosis Diamond courses are designed and delivered to fit a six step NLP coaching model called Deep Change Coaching.

This model addresses the fundamental issue of change, whether that is change you want to make on yourself, change that others ask your help with or change you would like others to make even though they may not be the most willing partners (I am thinking here of people development, for example staff issues, teachers trying to help pupils, parents trying to help children, the kinds of situations that are very common in life and don't fit neatly into a coaching or therapy model).

It doesn't matter what the change is or what the circumstances, the principles remain the same and in our experience those principles must always be appliedmust be applied in order to make a sustainable change for the better. The principles are embodied in the six steps of the program. Skills required for step one are covered in Diploma, skills for step 4 are covered in Certified Hypnotherapist (also on the NLP Practitioner course under Milton Model and indirect communication skills), and skills and techniques for steps 2, 3, 5 and 6 are also covered in Practitioner training.
  • Step 1. Get good quality information on the present state, desired state and any relevant personal history (includes negative experiences to be addressed and positive experiences to use as resources). This also brings a lot of unconscious knowledge to your (or your client's/staff member/child's) conscious attention.
  • Step 2. Start to uninstall at a conscious level those negative beliefs, attitudes and reactions that have been caused by past negative events. For this we use the powerful Time Line Re-framing pattern.
  • Step 3. Mop up any remnants of negative beliefs, attitudes ect still hanging around at the unconscious level For this we use various Parts patterns based on Gestalt techniques.
  • Step 4. Start to install positive beliefs and attitudes at the unconscious level using hypnosis and/or Ericksonian indirect language and visualisation.
  • Step 5. Install positive beliefs, attitudes and behaviours at the conscious level using cognitive based NLP patterns.
  • Step 6. Strengthen any areas still requiring attention or address issues that have arisen as part of the whole process.
The above steps can be fitted into a six session coaching/therapy program, or used as a guide to create successful change in much shorter times. In our experience, many new practitioners are disappointed when they apply a single NLP technique to a complex problem and don't get the results they were told to expect, perhaps after reading about our Deep Change Coaching model you can see why.

icon of deep change coaching Click◀ to view the full article on Deep Change Coaching
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