NLP for Business

NLP Skills made user friendly and practical for Business.

Did you know that the skills taught on our seminars are derived from some of the most eminent and charismatic developers of applied psychology.

Milton Erickson, Dave Elman, Richard Bandler & John Grinder are all world renowned public speakers and authorities in their respective fields. Their beginnings were in academia and their expertise was second to none.

All of them capitalised on their own ‘Intellectual Capital’ to create the multi-million dollar, multi-national companies that still influence the world today.

If you think NLP & Hypnosis are not skill sets for success......think again!

Our business seminars, workshops & Coaching programs are packed full of proven techniques that work in the real world, supporting you to;
  • grow revenue;
  • create lasting and profitable relationships;
  • work smarter doing work that matters and;
  • become ever more remarkable as your potential is fully realised.
  • All of the skills and strategies we share with you are easy to implement by anyone at any organisational level.
  • They are delivered in plain English using a hands on and fun format.
  • And they are often seen as an attractive training option by employees as they are ‘useful life skills’ as much as they are ‘professional work skills’.
The power of NLP for Business lies is its ability to take what appears to be on the surface a complex web of information and expertise, distill it down and create something practical and useful for everyday situations.

NLP was created to analyse and codify expertise so it has a long pedigree in extracting the
"difference that makes the difference."

Experienced NLP Master Pactitioners and trainers like Nick can put a huge amount of expert knowledge in your hands and in a usuable common sense framework that deliver results.

Here are some of the courses and seminars that can transfer that expertise to you.
  • The manager as coach. Effective coaching frameworks and skills for managers to excel in leading and developing teams.
  • Communication and active listening. Easy to implement formats for; giving feedback that is acted on, validating without agreeing, using informal and indirect communication patterns to embed ideas; and more.
  • Persuasion & influencing strategies. Quick, effective techniques and strategies to use any time and any place.
  • Effective goal setting and planning. Proven applied psychology that turns daydreams and wishful thinking into reality.
  • Critical thinking. An essential skill for the 21st century and yet not understood by many. Learn powerful language patterns that use your reason and judgement for decision making. Get to the heart of the matter quickly and act fast. Spot appeals to the emotions, sabotage and distraction. Remain clear & on track
  • Staying focused. Self management and communication techniques to keep yourself and others focused and resilient.
  • Rapport and relationship building. Create collaborative working environments and rich professional relationships; without compromising your core principles or objectives.
  • Assertiveness and confidence building. Communicate your ideas with confidence and authority. Build trust & credibility. Find your voice while respecting others.
  • Unleash creativity and potential. Innovative ideas to unleash and nurture latent potential. Bring fresh, relevant ideas to product development, service development, problem solving, conflict management and more.
  • Developing leadership. Practical Psychology models from NLP and Hypnosis that distil the best ideas from leadership theory and frame them into a core set of skills that can be used quickly everyday.
  • Presenting powerfully. An essential 21st century skill. This seminar delivers a tried & tested formula for structuring and delivering presentations of all kinds. Start to enjoy public speaking not avoid it.
  • Stop procrastinating. More than standard time management techniques, the skills and strategies taught on this seminar look at the very nature of thinking styles and how to make them work for you and not against you.
  • Customer service excellence. All the expertise on customer service distilled into simple, easy to implement step by step strategies that deliver winning customer service every time.
  • Resolving conflict. Easy to implement skill set used by professional mediators, adapted for practical use in a modern work environment.
  • Emotional wellbeing. Common sense "life skills" from NLP and personal development that encourage personal responsibility in health, relationships, career and more. A library of expertise contained in easy to understand and practical framworks. Measurable results in attitude, behaviour, energy levels and general happiness in all that use them.
All of the NLP Business Skills seminars are delivered by Lead Trainer Nick Evans. Seminars can be conducted in-house or at one of our regular venues. No maximum or minimum number of delegates required.

To discuss how NLP can bring the inter-connected world of business expertise to your door contact Nick Evans via the enquiry form or direct at activenlpdotowneratgmaildotcom

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