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Help on using online booking

Welcome to Online Booking.

This is the quickest & easiest way to secure the very best prices on modules and courses.

  • Get the best prices for up to 5 modules.
  • The price you book today is guaranteed for 12 months.
  • Modules run at least twice a year so plenty of flexibility.
  • You are guaranteed a place on any booked module.
  • You pay a deposit now and the balance when you take the module/s.
  • Peace of mind, book your course and get on with your life!
  • Payment is secure and simple via PayPal. All major cards are accepted.
  • Just 4 steps to join the course.

Booking your Course

Flexible Diamond Design is a New way to access training. You can't book all the dates for any course here because you don't have to.You are automatically guaranteed a place. You just have to book your start date. If you follow the steps below you'll soon be joining other NLP & Hypnosis professionals on a Diamond Design Practitioner Course.
  • Step 1. Select a course and start date.
  • Step 2. Fill in your personal details
  • Step 3. Click Submit. You will now taken to the payment page. Choose the number of modules you need. Pay a deposit to secure each module. We'll send you payment details for the balance which you can pay before attending each modules(s)
  • Step 4.Make a payment and confirm you have read the terms and conditions of booking
That's it!, you'll be booked on your course of choice at the best price available.
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Please read carefully

Terms of acceptance


Online booking prices are heavily discounted and limited in number.
When you book a module or modules using the online booking facility you are agreeing to pay Active NLP Ltd the full amount for each module booked.
Think of it like booking a seat on an airline only with extra flexibility. You don't have to pay for the modules (seats) in full at the time of booking but we do trust you to pay even if you miss the flight.
Cancellations and refunds will always be given if you can show that Active NLP Ltd failed to meet its obligations to you.
Full details are given in paragraph 3

1.0. Attending your first module
  • Your booking is only secured if accompanied by a deposit payment made through PayPal.
  • You should receive confirmation of your payment immediately after making it. If you don't please check with PayPal customer service.
  • Normally we ask that you pay the balance of a module within 14 days of the start date. However, if you are booking last minute then you are still guaranteed a place on your module of choice and can pay at your earliest convenience. You will need to pay the balance of the module before it starts or on the first day of training. You will not be allowed to attend a module if the full booked price is not paid beforehand or before training starts at 10.00 am on the first day.
  • Upon receipt of your booking and deposit payment Active NLP Ltd will send you all log in details, user names and passwords needed to access pre-course materials. You can use these credentials to access all of our articles, videos and CPD material for as long as you like. Your usernames and passwords are unique to you and are not to be given or shared with anyone else.
  • You can contact us at anytime if you have any questions We want you to be fully prepared and confident about your course. We aim to get your online access credentials to you within 48 hours. If you have not received them after 48 hours please contact us.

1.1. Attending further modules
  • Your discount price is guaranteed for 12 months, so is your place on your first module regardless of when you book.
  • In order to guarantee a place on further modules you will need to inform us of your attendance and pay the balance for that module at least 14 days beforehand.
  • We will send you our bank details so you can pay the balance of modules via direct bank transfer. We also accept cheques and in exceptional circumstances further payments can be made by PayPal. However, PayPal charges around 4% per transaction so if at all possible please use direct Bank transfer.
  • Active NLP will try to contact you with reminders as relevant modules draw near BUT we cannot guarantee your receipt of said reminders. It is your responsibility to check the course calendar and book your module accordingly. You can contact us anytime for help or information.
  • If you do not inform us of attendance and pay the balance on the module within 14 days we cannot guarantee you a place on that module. We will do our best but sometimes venues are chosen for group size and it may not be possible to accommodate you.

2.0. Certification and Awards

Awards and certificates will be presented upon full completion of all course criteria. This will include but is not limited to
  • Attendance of all training days. If you are unable to attend a day of a module due to an emergency, or circumstances beyond your control such as a hospital appointment, then you can attend that day on a future module free of charge, as long as you give Active NLP Ltd advance notice of 14 days. If advance notice is not given you can attend that day on any future module but a £50.00 transfer fee will be payable.
  • All training hours be completed. Regular late arrival or early departure will be counted as hours lost and you may find you have to attend an additional training day in order to reach the required hours of attendance. This will incur a transfer fee of £50.00.
  • If the course or module requires you to complete written assignments or distance learning tasks then awards will only be presented once you submit them in full.
  • Each module comes with a tailored training log so you can evidence your level of knowledge and skill. Awards will only be presented if your training log is up to date and duly signed. We believe you should have the choice of which professional body to join and the type of insurance package you want. Our courses are based on the highest standards and training logs are vital to evidence those standards.
  • If you are attending a course for personal growth or other reasons that mean you do not require an award to be issued then you do not have to complete the training log or distance learning assignments. However, you are still bound by the codes of conduct and ethics that accompany each course and module. Training standards, awards criteria and codes of ethics are all available on our website. They also form part of your pre-course preparation pack.
  • There is no time limit on awards criteria, if you complete your practical training before you are ready to submit your assignments and training log you can submit them afterwards. When you do we will issue you your award.
  • Course support and post course support is available to help you choose accrediting bodies, insurance providers and associated administrative tasks such as hiring coaching rooms, creating web sites and more
3.0. Our Obligations to you
  • If Active NLP Ltd has to cancel any modules and arrange new dates due to circumstances beyond its control you will be offered to take up those new dates.
    If you cannot make the new dates then you will be offered a full refund for all the remaining days you booked.
    Daily course rates are worked out at the course fee divided by number of course days. However, the training format and course structure have been designed with busy professionals and life long adult learners in mind and we will work with you to find you suitable dates to complete your training even if that means working one on one with you for a small amount of time.
  • We promise to provide the best learning environment we can, to issue only quality course materials, to coach and mentor you if required, to be availabke for one on one meetings, to follow up complaints about training staff or course members promptly and to take your welfare seriously.
  • We will treat you with respect at all times But we won't enable you in behaviours that you yourself know are unhelpful, we may challenge you on occasion but again respectfully, we won't ever provide you with ready made answers, doctrines or miracle cures, we won't treat you like you have a broken wing and we won't consider you as needing to be rescued or therapised. We aim to teach you these amazing skills so you empower yourself
4.0. Your Personal Declaration
  • By submitting the online booking form you are declaring that you know of no reasons why you should not complete a course in NLP or Hypnosis.
  • Please contact Active NLP Ltd in complete confidence if you are currently diagnosed with any clinical mental or emotional disorder. This does not restrict you from training in any way, but we do need to know so we can plan and tailor exercises accordingly
  • Please contact Active NLP Ltd in complete confidence if you are currently if you are currently undergoing any form of therapy. again this does not restrict you from training in any way, but we do need to know so we can plan and tailor exercises accordingly
  • Please contact Active NLP Ltd If you have a prison record, again, this does not not automatically exclude you from the course but we need to know so we can advise you correctly about certain exercises and tailor the best plan for you we can
  • By signing this booking form you are acknowledging that this is a professional training course to learn NLP and Hypnosis skills to apply to yourself and others. It is in no way or form a substitute for therapy. We work with you on any and all issues you want to work on But using only the skills of taught on the course
  • By submitting the on-line booking form you are declaring that you are over 18 years of age at the time the course or module commences and know of no legal reason why you should not complete a course in NLP or Hypnosis.

5.0. Understanding these terms of business and acceptance
  • By submitting your on-line booking booking you are agreeing to the terms of business and acceptance contained in this document.
  • Active NLP Ltd retains the right to ask for a minimum of 2 referees who can vouch for your suitability to take the course
  • .
  • We reserve the right to ask you to leave the course if you give false information.

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