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Saturday 11th March 2017

Nxt Course. Six Step Hyp
Jun 14 - 18 Taunton.
Learn to Hypnotise Anybody
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Diamond Design NLP™

Diamond Practitioner (Masters Level)

Full 5 Module Course. A complete tool-kit for change.
Each module is a stand alone skill set initself.
Combines NLP & Hypnosis at an advanced level

Full 5 Module Diamond Practitioner

Whatever your level of experience or professional role this course is one of the best investments in yourself that you can make

Key Features of this course:

  • Turn your life skills into a professional tool kit for change.
  • Learn powerful psychological techniques for life, work, relationships and more.
  • Achieve confidence, motivation and self belief in all areas of your life.
  • Add powerful NLP techniques to your existing skill set.
  • Relevant to: a broad range of professions and experience, including coaches, therapists, teachers and trainers, administrators and managers, sales personnel, small business owners and any individuals wanting to use applied psychology for life and work.
  • Entry requirements: No previous exp or qualifications required.
  • Training structure: 15 days practical training (125 hours).
  • Investment: £2,995 (standard booking).
  • Booking: Book this course online today and pay just £2,995.00 £1,795.00. That's a saving of £1,200.00 on standard booking.

What about accreditation?

The course meets and exceeds all the major criteria for obtaining insurance and joining professional bodies. It comes with 8 accreditation levels. Each of the modules is a certificated stand-alone skill set so by completing all five modules you will receive;
  • NLP Diploma (RNLPP)
  • NLP Diploma (INLPTA)
  • Practitioner of Hypnosis (RNLPP)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (RNLPP)
  • Practitioner of NLP (INLPTA)
  • Practitioner of NLP (RNLPP)
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnosis (RNLPP)
  • Master Practitioner of NLP (RNLPP)
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Do you think the government regulates NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy or Psychotherapy?

If you answered yes, you are not alone, most people think the same. However, the truth is that all of the so called 'complimentary' therapies are completely unregulated by the government; regardless of what anyone tells you. A whole bunch of private companies have sprung up in recent years offering professional membership services to the Complimentary & Alternative Therapy (CAM) sector, some are run by experienced CAM professionals and some shock, horror, are run purely for profit by people with little or no professional CAM expertise.

Personally I don't care who runs them as long as their membership crireria are fair, honest and fit for purpose.
Unfortunately, the competition for members (and their membership fees) has brought about a very strange state of affairs. We now have the absurd situation whereby, on paper, standards appear to be getting tougher, but in actuality standards are being dismantled because students are self-certificating themselves. The traditional way of verifying skills and knowledge was to observe students, but this has in the main been made obsolete because the focus now is on total study hours not face to face training hours. Self certifying yourself as a 'clinical hypnotherapist' may seem attractive at first glance, like self certifying yourself a first class honours degree. But this field isn't like the regular world of work, in this industry you will more than likely be working for yourself and if you can't do the job, you go out of business very quickly, no matter how many certificates you've got.

If you are planning to use NLP or Hypnosis professionally you will be well served doing some research. This is a good first step, reading my full report is an even better one, all the findings are supported by documentation and it will help you make a cool headed and informed choice; you can find details and links at the bottom of this page.

How did things get to this?
A long story, starting over 30 years ago when Prince Charles commisioned a report into the state of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine in the UK. This well intentioned and much needed project has unfortunately been tinkered with so much that now it is very easy to manipulate it if you have sufficient admin resources and money (£12,000 a year for PSA registration). The sector is full of private companies who look like established universities or ancient guilds. They issue hundreds perhaps thousands of certificates with 'clinical this' or 'clinical that' written on them, the students self certificate themselves, and nobody checksif it's all true.

It could be a time bomb.

I know a lot of NLP & hypnosis trainers, and I know that we have a full on job on our hands looking after a dozen students properly, checking on them, coaching them, supporting them to be the best practitioner they possibly can be. Those trainers that work for bigger companies and institutions on a free lance contract basis, they have their work cut out too, often in the classroom 4 or 5 days a week with different groups, teaching different courses. How are they going to quality check 10, 20, 30 100 distance learning assignments of 500 hours each, hours and hours of video, essays, case studies...c'mon lets be real here, more than likely...they're not!

Having students self verify their skills and knowledge is relaxing standards not tightning them.

And fair enough if it was all above board, but it's not. The need to bring in membership fees and other commercial pressures has lead to misinformation, half truths and veiled threats of not being able to practice professionally unless you take their affiliated course is warping this well intentioned system.

To throw fuel on the fire the trend in distance learning has meant that the only I mean the only way to really check if someone can do this stuff, which is to observe them, is being phased out as more and more people opt for online training. But, if instructors can't see students perform in person then how can they possibly sign a certificate vouching for their competence.

Something 'aint right!

And I think I got to the bottom of what it is, you can read my research and report in the articles/library section of this website. It's called 'CAM regulation in the UK'. But for now, here's the main point.
This contradictory behaviour of pretending to tighten standards while actually relaxing them, means CAM professionals all getting the worst of both worlds.
  • Genuine talented students are spending hundreds of hours with their heads in a book, isolated, reading and learning about stuff they will never, ever use instead of being with people, learning by practice, under the supervision of an experienced trainer.

  • Genuine talented trainers and schools are being sidelined because the big supertanker providers have an army of admin staff to keep up this illusion of tough standards that frighten prospective students into thinking they can't 'legally' train anywhere else.

  • The public are unable to discern who is a genuine skilled professional and who got their certificate out of a Xmas cracker.

Well I read or heard somewhere that there's no point griping about something if you can't offer an alternative or a solution. So here they are (there's two);

1. Diamond course awards issued by the Register of NLP Professionals (RNLPP) are backed up with signed training and evidence logs. They don't claim you're a clinical this or a clinical that, but they do give an honest and verifiable account of what you can do and what you know. AND they cover more than 99% of all the things you are ever likely to encounter as a private coach, therapist, facilitator or change professional.
2. Please read my main article on CAM regulation, I know it's wordy, but you can skim over it and then use one of your most powerful cognitive-behavioral strategies to take the next step....
you can .....
......go look it up online & check if it is actually true

Wow, radical huh?
Seriously though, check us all out, look for specifics like who is doing the actual training? How many face to face training hours do you get? How long has the school or trainer been going? You might find that the impressive 'St Martins in the field faculty clinical school of advanced clinical hypnotherapy, by appointment to HRH' is actually a part time employee staffing a small office on an industrial estate, who has no knowledge of the profession whatsoever and no time for anything else except stuffing certificates into envelopes all day.
The future? You guys coming into the profession are coming at a critical time and have an opportunity to shape its future. We are so lucky to live in an age where any piece of information can be sought out with a little digging, let's not waste, let's apply a little critical thinking to our own profession, after all it's what we ask our clients to do isn't it. To base their thoughts, feelings and behaviours on actual reality not distortions, fantasies or fear

You see, it's really about choice. The old way of doing things was a school issued a cert and that was taken as proof of skill, because the face to face training time was lengthy and students had to demonstrate their abilities. But now you can get a clinical hypnotherapy cert from an impressive sounding organisation after 4 days face to face training, does anyone really think that's possible. Think about it, 'clinical' giving the impression of treating severe emotional and mental disorders, with no prior experience and just 4 days classroom time. What kind of professional issues them? Is it really just about the money. Do you care? I hope so, because if we are to maintain any credibility this kind of thing needs to be brought into the open so people can make a clear and informed choice instead of being frightened into thinking they have to do the 'official' course that some are advertising as being "regulated by the same government body that regulates doctors!" Bloomin cheek!! Well, please spread the word, the 21st Century is abbout choice and transparency not the 'old closed shop'. If you can prove your skill and knowledge then you should be able to join the mebership body of your choice and get the business insurance deal that suits you not use the same one your training school uses and has done for years. A rigid, static system and very very last century.

I'd love you to come and train with me, but that's not as important as you finding a good quality trainer, mentor and coach.
NLP & hypnosis are amazing skill sets that help us see things clearly, lets use them to look at our own profession, before someone else does.
Just a thought
In a nut shell, you can spend a thousand hours reading and writing about NLP & Hypnosis but nothing beats face to face training time and supervised practice. The simple time tested formula is "more face to face training and supervised practice = greater level of skill and confidence".
If you have any questions or any contrary evidence to the above please use our contact form or you can call Nick Evans direct on 08732 357 208. Good luck with your search.

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Founder & Lead Trainer Nick Evans

Teaches and facilitates all of the Diamond Practitioner modules personally.
This course will give you both the credibility and the professional skills you need.

Nick has over 15 years experience using and teaching NLP and hundreds of accredited courses under his belt. His hands on approach and watchful eye will ensure you achieve a skill set to match your credentials.

We do NLP Differently & we'd like to tell you about it

In fact, just by emailing Nick he will hold you a place at the online offer price of £599.00 £399.00 per module while you research your options.

If you decide Diamond Practitioner Training ™ is not for you right now, no problem, we will wish you well and pass your discount guarantee onto the next person.

We can even help you source an alternative providor should you so wish. We are passionate about the potential of NLP & Hypnosis to transform lives and our main concern is the proper training of, and the good experience had, by all professionals who represent our field.


Deep Change Coaching
Diamond Practitioner Training combines NLP techniques with Certified Hypnotherapist skills to create a powerful change model called Deep Change Coaching. Open the box to see why Deep Change Coaching is an essential framework for change professionals. arrow down button
Image of bookshelf

What is the Deep Change Coaching Model?

Deep change coaching is a 6 part framework that uproots negative life & work patterns (that's why it's called deep) and enables you to use new ways of harnessing your potential so you can live & work with a sense of purpose, achievement, connection and joy.

Who is it for?

As an incredibly life changing, powerful and positive experience, it's for anybody and everybody.
As a skill set to learn and use on others it is perfect for;
  • Therapists and coaches
  • Health and care professionals
  • Police officers, teachers, forces personell, security professionals
  • Social workers, addiction counsellors, probabtion staff
  • Managers, team leaders, consultants, self employed
  • Anyone in a leadership role or involved with developing others such as youth workers, sports coaches, and community leaders.

How is different from all the other stuff out there?

Well good question and important answer if you are thinking of spending time, effort and money learning some kind of change system for personal or professional development.

This is the #1 reason why change is sometimes easy, sometimes hard and sometimes downright impossible

Consider the following statement taken from the 'laws of suggestion'

The reason why new ideas are not accepted, even when obviously beneficial, is because there are one or more powerful contrary ideas still lying deep in the person's mind.

Along with auto-suggestion this idea of deep lying contrary beliefs is one of the most important things to bear in mind when considering change. And yet, I still see all too often hasty practitioners diving into techniques and scripts after barely getting the bones of what the person wants. The poor old client/subject has barely mentioned their reason for seeking out help before they're either tucked up ready for trance or they're getting bounced up and down their timeline like a game of past future ping pong.

There is a perfect metaphor to illustrate this point, one that is found in all cultures and is referenced extensively and consistently in one form or another throught history.

If you sow seeds on hard stony ground they simply won't grow, you have to loosen it up first, prepare it as best you can so the seed has a chance of taking root and surviving

The fact that this pearl of wisdom is so embedded in metaphors the world over shows that each of us feels the 'truth' of it. And yet, from the lousy feedback given in an office, to the scoldings given out in the schoolroom to the hasty practitioners diving straight into scripts and techniques, somehow that 'wisdom' is put aside when needed most.

I have an example from my own personal history that may help to illustrate further.

Several years ago I made a concerted effort to take control of my internal dialogue. I spent 6 months or so repeating thousands of affirmations. At first it seemed like a waste of time, nothing much happened. And the reason nothing much happened was because I didn't really believe it, I was paying lip service to it. Sure, I almost convinced myself that I would be and do all the things the affirmations were saying, but really, deep down, I didn't believe it.

And then, things did start to shift, instead of lip service, I started to actually feel it, and little by little the hard stony ground that was my internal chatter and inner world, began to develop little fissures and cracks, which widened and spread, until, and I still remember it vividly, an avalanche of realisations, clarity, joy, confidence and sense of purpose literally knocked me of my feet. The point is, I could have said those affirmations a million times but until I actually believed them nothing would have changed. And that's what we are talking about when we talk about auto-suggestion. The process or act of internalising a belief, attitude, world view so it becomes a part of you. As soon as that process started, I not only believed everything contained in those affirmations , I had the feeling it couldn't not happen, like it was fated, and before long.....my life changed.....massively. That's why it's so obvious to me that just skimming through a book on positive thinking, doing a couple of meditations now and again or, repeating "You will be thin" half a dozen times in a trancy voice, is pretty pointless unless the ground is prepared.

You need to loosen it up, the world view I mean, in NLP we call it your model of the world. And that is what the Deep Change Coaching program was designed to do. Another metaphor explains it best. When your computer is wizzing and whining but hung due to bad software or because it's got caught up in some mad recursive loop you don't go and install masses of new sogtware on top, you know that's just going to make things worse in the long run. You have to uninstall the stuff that's got out of hand, the old stuff that doesn't fit anymore, the 1.0 versions that could have been in there for years, sometimes un-noticed.

That's what the Deep Change Coaching process does first, it uses a combination of NLP & hypnosis to 'uninstal' all the jammed up programs, it doesn't start by trying to reconfigure your whole model of the world in five minutes flat, but it does get the job done properly and by the second session the majority of people are ready to accept the new empowering thoughts, ideas and perspectives that will change their life, and this time, there's a good chance those new thoughts will stick and grow.

An expert tip for you Keep a cool head when watching or hearing about some 'wonder script' or wonder technique'. Many times these things happen on willing volunteers in very charged atmospheres, like training rooms, churches or rallies. And yes, outside of those environments a startling breakthrough can occur (like St Paul on the road to Damascus). However, the poor practitioner or hypnotherapist given the credit for such an amazing turnaround may have been nothing more than the green light needed to start the avalanche. Or worse, the excuse needed for the putting into action plans long in the making and destined to be fulfilled one way or another.

Client: "I took your advice and left my job/husband/wife"
Coach: "I didn't say do that!"
Client: "Well, whatever you did... it worked!; so thanks, I'm off."

A silly example, but has happened!.

More likely is that in the real world the willing volunteers are thin on the ground and the atmosphere is about as far away from a Tony Robbins gig as you can get. To make the profound changes in our lives, the lives of our families, our kids, our friends, work colleagues (clients, employees, bosses) in our communities , and in society we need need robust, user friendly tools we can rely on to work day in and day out, not just every now again under special circumstances.

And that's exactly what you get with the Deep Change Coaching process. It doesn't promise a quick fix, 6 sessions of an hour to an hour and a half each, but it does create the kind of change you want....long lasting and natural.

To sum up, the Deep Change Coaching process lies somewhere between therapy and coaching. It was developed to be a reliable framework for anyone in a leadership role; community leaders, youth workers, teachers, adventure tour guides, surfing instructors, prime ministers, the title is irrelevant, it was made for roles not titles, otherwise we'd call it the 'advanced deluxe secret executive business deep change coaching model and sell it for 10 grand a pop!

It is another of Nick Evans' multi-model tool-kits, and yes, this one took about 15 years to refine too, becauae these tools are forged in real life, in practice. They evolve by the doing and nothing else, by the trial and error, the getting it wrong and the learning how to do it better next time. They're shaped by the shape of the real world not wishful thinking. Anyone can sit at a desk and compile techniques, strategies, guidelines or whatever, but if they can't be proved in the real world, well, what good are they? And for whose benefit are they being created?

That's why we can assure you that Deep Change Coaching is not only different, it's better, it has a real world integrity about it and it's unique to the Active NLP Diamond Practitioner Training.

End of article
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5 Module Master Practitioner Course
Course details:
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  • Starts: Flexible start dates
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Diamond Practitioner Training

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5 questions you need to ask before choosing a course or practitioner

Whether you're looking for a course, or an individual Practitioner, asking these questions will you save you time and £ £ £

They believe that techniques and scripts are like magic spells you pick from a book.

What technique is best for this? Or
What script is best for that? are valid questions if the technique or script is seen as a guide or framework, BUT, not if they are seen as guaranteed " cures and fixes ".
Techniques and scripts come in all shapes and sizes, some of them are good, some are bad, some are devised by experienced practitioners, some are created by people who know little or nothing about NLP & hypnosis.

The trouble is, because the techique or script is considered infallible, if it doesn't work; for example, doesn't help you feel confident, then you could get the blame for being ‘ resistant ’

Solution: Choose a professional who uses scripts and techniques as frameworks and tailors them to your individual circumstances.

They make people fit techniques instead of making techniques fit people.
I'm afraid anyone taking this approach is simply following instructions without any understanding of the patterns at all. They've learnt a hundred techniques for a hundred possible scenarios,

''' BUT ''' you wouldn't learn French by memorising a hundred sentences for a hundred encounters. That's the beginners way AND

It's the same with NLP & Hypnosis.

Solution: Choose a professional who can explain why they choose one technique over another and how it produces the effects it's supposed to. This will demonstrate a deep understanding of the technique or script which means they can adapt techniques to you...not you to techniques.

No interest in wider subjects that concern the human condition.
NLP & hypnosis are just as much Art as they are Science.

If your trainer∕practitioner is not versed or interested in wider subjects, art, history, philosophy, spirituality, and clings instead to reports, data and statistics then they will be unable to create simple, effective and user friendly ways of facillitating change in the real world. You'll be seen as a "Human system" and be expected to behave as one.

Solution: When making your enquiries drop some references to wider subjects into the conversation and see the response. The ability to see multiple perspectives is an essential skill for a Practitioner and you only get that if you educate yourself as to what those perspectives are.

Using venues that re-enforce your existing habits, thoughts and feelings.
Fundamentally, the reason you are engaging with NLP & hypnosis is to learn about yourself and explore your potential.

If your learning environment is essentially the same as your work environment, even if it's an upmarket hotel, then it makes it harder to try out new ideas and new ways of doing things. Worst case scenario; you retreat back to the safety of old behaviours and ways of being in the world.

Solution: Ask why they use the venue they do. If it's obvious that it's chosen for it's feel good factor or sense of affluence rather than its suitability as a learning environment then I would choose someone else.
Don't value real practice and one on one engagement.
The most obvious and the most important

the more face to face time you get for your money....the better.
Just think about anything you've ever learned. Wasn't it easier when you had someone to show you how it's done, someone to answer questions as they come up and point you in the right direction?

It's harder and takes longer to work it out for yourself, hours searching the internet or 30 seconds asking a real person? We know this, but we also weigh up the costs.

Trouble is "Certificate issuing" is big business these days and you might end up with a bunch of certificates but no real skills.

Solution Don't be dazzled by impressive looking logos, crests and seals. They are all private companies and they need to make a profit or they go bust. Look beyond, who is doing the actual training, how long have they been doing it, how much one on one time are they willing to invest in you.

Click on a calendar date for details of courses, modules and start dates.

Diamond NLP Training
A NEW way of learning, using & teaching NLP

  • a New way of thinking
  • a New way of doing
  • a New way to create change

Created for 21st Century life & work.
Compliments your existing skills.
Accredited, professional training.
Established and experienced trainer.

Active NLP The professional choice

The idea that any single 'psychology system' can do it all has had it's day.
Meanwhile the ability to use a multi model approach is fast becoming industry standard.
Luckily it's something we've been doing for years

so we are well ahead of the game.

Skills with an edge ❭❭

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