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Monday 22nd January 2018

diagram of 5 diamond modules course structure highlight nlp practitioner design

NLP Practitioner Design

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Key features of this module

Please read through the following 10 points, they will tell you what this module is, what accreditations it comes with, what you will learn and how to book it.
  • 1. Location & Dates. All modules take place over 3 days; Friday to Sunday. This module runs at least twice a year. icon of calendarClick for dates (opens in new window)
  • 2. Total study time: 50 hours, comprised of:
  • Classroom instruction 3 Days (25 hours)
  • Home assignments: (25 hours)
  • 4. Pre-requisite: NLP Practitioner patterns
  • 5. What will you learn? This module shows you how to combine Practitioner patterns such as anchoring & Spatial sorting into tailored techniques of your own. By the end of this module you can create powerful and unique coaching programs, workshops and trainings that fit your real world needs.
  • 6. Accreditation: If this module is taken on its own you will be issued with a certificate confirming your skill and knowledge of Master level NLP patterns. When taken as part of a combined course you will be issued the relevant awards and certificates for that course.
  • 7. Asessment criteria:
  • 1. Observation of practical ability.
  • 2. Completed training and evidence log.
  • 3. Written Integration paper (completed at home).
  • 4. Abide by RNLPP codes of conduct & ethics.
  • 8. Investment: £599.00 (standard Booking).
  • 9. Training standards and content.
  • Day 1. Deep Change Coaching™ Designing change programs, workshops and trainings using Active NLP Deep Change Coaching™format. Perfect for newly qualified coaches and experienced professionals alike. This powerful framework lies somewhere between therapy and coaching and is unique to Active NLP. You can read about Deep Change Coaching by following this link icon of Deep change coaching format
  • Day 2. Diamond modelling skills Quick, effective strategies to extract the essence of expert behaviours. This really is a 21st Century essential skill. The internet is awash with websites, blogs and videos. All of this information becomes your own personal knowledge store of expertise as you identify and extract the best of the best.
  • Day 3. Communicating powerfully. Latest techniques to structure and deliver group work. Working with identity. Developing congruence, resilience and self esteem. Roles and valuesDeveloping leadership behaviours, habits and sense of identity. Influencing through action Chunking and critical thinking skills that inspire by their simplicity and clarity. Be the one to see a clear vision while others are stuck in fog

10. How to book this module or a combined course.

Go to our on-line booking page at your earliest convenience. We have a limited number of discounted modules and when they're gone..they're gone.

You don't have to choose all your training dates right now you just need to choose your start date.
For example; if you want to book our NLP Practitioner coach course then you need to complete three modules.

  • All three of these modules are Start modules.
  • You can start your course on any of those dates
  • You attend the remaining two modules when convenient for you
  • In order to get the best price for the whole 3 module course you can pay a deposit on each module. Now you just get on with your life knowing that if it's not convenient for you to attend a particular module you can attend it later and you you can attend it later and you are guaranteed a place on it and you will pay the price secured when you paid your deposit.
  • The courses and modules are designed for adult learners and busy working professionals. The design, structure and flexibility are similar to that used by The Open University
  • It really is that simple. Secure your course by;
  •   A. Pay a deposit on all the modules you need.
  •   B. Choose a Start Date.
  •   C. Attend further modules when it suits you

Diamond Design - Designed for Adult Learners and busy Working Professionals

Just like an Open University degree Diamond Practitioner Training™ is designed for adult learners and busy professionals. The old 'static' way of having one start day a year and having to wait 12 months or more if you missed a module just doesn't fit with 21st Century work and life patterns.

Of course some people will never understand that with modern design this kind of flexibility is possible, they are always going to want a rigid route map and structure, and we get it, but we think they are a step or two behind what's happening in the real world. The world is changing, and it can be a good thing, full of opportunities for flexible life long learners. We hope that's you.

Diamond Practitioner Training takes the flexibility we love from On-line learning and combines it with essential face to face classroom instruction.A much needed innovation in today's marketplace

Full instructions and help with booking are available on the booking page or get in touch and we'll help you choose the course and modules you need.

Module details:
  • Title: NLP Practitioner Design
  • Next Course:Autumn 2017
  • Location: South West UK

Investment: £599.00.(Standard Booking)
£495.00 (Early Booking)

Book 3 modules and pay just:: £399 each

Save £600.00
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Diamond Practitioner Training

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Diamond NLP Training
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