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Saturday 11th March 2017

Nxt course. Six Step Hyp
Jun 14 - 18 Taunton.
Learn to Hypnotise Anybody
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Six Step Hypnosis™

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2 Module Six Step Hypnosis Course

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Six Step Hypnosis™

Hypnotize like a professional

There is one over-riding factor that determines whether you can hypnotize people or not
  • It's not your level of knowledge.
  • It's not how suggestable they are.
  • It's not your experience.
  • It's not even your skill.
All those things are important.
But they're not it.
What you need above all else
What is essential

Unwavering confidence in your ability to hypnotize

Hypnotherapy is a combination of two words.... "hypnosis"   &   "therapy".

A lot of people want to be "hypnotherapists" many want to be "Clinical Hypnotherapists"
They spend hundreds of hours studying hypnotherapy
They become good therapists.

But they can't hypnotize anybody.

The hypno part is given little attention.
So they're not really hypnotherapists.
They're just therapists who tell people to close their eyes and relax while they talk to them.
A talking therapy where the therapist does all the talking.

Some people like being that kind of therapist, imparting wisdom like a wise parent.

But it's not hypnosis.

If you want to learn how to hypnotize people you have to learn & practice the hypno bit.
On its own at first, without the therapy bit. That comes later. When it's not going to get in the way.
Because trying to therapize someone while simultaneously trying to learn how to hypnotize them is.......
well, quite frankly,
a waste of time.

That's why it doesn't matter how much you know about panic attacks,
OCD, depression,
past life regression,
or anything else.
If you don't know HOW to hypnotize someone, you're not doing hypnotherapy,
your just doing therapy.
Which is great.
And if your happy with that, Good luck to you, really.

  • But if you want to learn how to actually hypnotize someone, in a professional way, then we can show you how.
  • We teach an easy six step process that works everytime, we call it Six Step Hypnosis™ and it makes you look like a professional right from the word go.
  • It is unique to Active NLP,
  • you won't find it anywhere else.
  • It is the culmination of experience, research, feedback and intelligent design.
  • You can have faith in it,
  • It is robust,
  • It works.
  • It helps you feel confident about your self and your abilities,
  • you communicate that confidence to your clients/subjects.
  • They are hypnotized.
  • Now you can do your therapy.

"I wanted to let you know that your course gave me the knowledge and understanding to feel totally confident with clients using the skills and techniques I learnt. K. Dubia

The Six Step Hypnosis™ course is comprised of two modules.
  • Module 1. Hypnosis Patterns.
  • Module 2. Hypnosis Design.

Hypnosis is a safe & natural way to harness the power of the mind & imagination, making them work for us instead of against us.

Come & learn the art of Hypnosis, it's simply the best system around for:
  • rapid increase in confidence;
  • self belief, sense of purpose and more.
And guess what? When you have those things in your life then everything else is just so much easier.

Join us on June 14/15/16/17/18 in Taunton, you may be surprised to find your'e a natural Hypnotist, if so you can add further modules and obtain professional credentials.

Hypnosis is a stand alone skill set & part of the following combined courses: Thousands of people have started a successful Hypnosis business....Why not you?

And with our unique 6 Step Hypnosis™ format you have the best chance ever of looking like a seasoned pro right from the start.

Why wait?

No really, if you're reading this then like us you have an interest in the subject. We offer 15 years experience and a unique Diamond Design six step format that makes you look like a pro right from the word go. No tricks, just great design and great modelling.

There are three options for you right now that require no commitment whatsover, only a little curiousity and 5 minutes of your time.
1. Visit the Six Step Hypnosis page and look at all the cool stuff you could be doing on that weekend.
2. Contact us to talk hypnosis,send us a mail or if you call we promise not to hypnotize you over the phone (unless you want us too!)
3. Book a place now,there are only a few places available at the special online price of £798.00, and when they're gone .....they're gone.

Hypnosis is a fascinating subject and when you realise how easy it is (with the right tools) you'll want to stay and learn more.

Interested in NLP more than Hypnosis?

We need to talk... call us, email us, write us a letter.....

NLP & Hypnosis compliment each other beautifully, it's synergy not just two skill sets.

There's far too much nonsense thrown around about Hypnosis, so here's the facts....!

Hypnosis is a safe, positive, natural human ability that harnesses the power of your mind and your imagination making them work for you and not against you.
Hypnosis is a powerful psychological skill set you can bring to bear on any aspect of your life
Hypnosis is most definitely not the preserve of licensed specialists who use it only for therapy. That would be like saying music needs to be put into the hands of 'specialists' because of its enormous power to stir the emotions and send the mind off on wonderful journeys of discovery, creativity and insight. so No hypnosis is not just for the few, like music it's for the many and in the same way you can learn to play music at any age, you can learn to use hypnosis on yourself and on others.

✓ Hypnosis is useful in all areas of life, personal & professional;

✓ ✓ ✓ And when you mix it up with NLP....well... tis a beautiful thing.

Plus, when all is said and done, if you come along and you really don't get on with it then we'll give you a refund, and that's probably the only way you'll ever really know...... if it's for you or it isn't.


Hypnosis is one of the core skill sets for many of the professional courses. The powerful language patterns are used extensively in both modular courses and one day CPD workshops.

BUT..even better than that, You get to spend three days hypnotizing people and being Hypnpotised, hearing positive messages delivered with skill and technique, mind and body immersed in a full well being experience, music, scent, comfortable light furnishings, the perfect place to learn, learn about hypnosis and learn about yourself too, empower yourself, feed your mind on some great stuff with great people.

We don't do stuffy classrooms, or posh hotels, we know how strongly they smack of conformity to old behaviours and ways of being in the world.
We don't want to look at ferraris in a car park or a broken air con unit and stained carpets in what 's probably a store cupboard when not booked for training
We are not kidding, we pick our learning environments using learning theory, not because they give a certain impression or because they're cheap

Everything we do is like that, it fits, our Diamond Training format, our way of delivery, the environments, the connections we make, we know our stuff and we use it well whatever we are doing,
  • Designing and delivering accredited NLP or Hypnosis training;
  • Designing and delivering workshops or business training;
  • Coaching (using our deep change coaching system)
  • Facilitation, hire us to facilitate your meetings, grievence hearings, performance reviews
We hope you get in touch, come check us out, an email or call would be perfect but if you'd like to know a bit more about us before calling then these two pages give honest and up to date information about the company, and our products and services.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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2.Click◀ Takes you to our Publications page
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Key Features of this course:

  • Learn a proven method for performing hypnosis like a professional.
  • Become fluent in hypnotic language.
  • Practice ensures you use these skills in everyday life.
  • Use self hypnosis for confidence and self belief.
  • Add hypnosis to your existing skill set.
  • Relevant to: professionals who want to add hypnosis to their existing skill set; anybody who wants to harness the power of hypnotic techniques for personal or professional use, including coaches, therapists, teachers and trainers, business professionals, managers, sales personnel and more.
  • Entry requirements: No prior experience or qualifications required
  • Training structure: 6 days face to face training (75 hours). There are distance learning assignments of 55 hours. Assessment is on your ability to perform hypnosis using a variety of techniques and patterns.
  • Upon successful completion of the course you will be issued the award of 'Practitioner of Hypnosis (Prac Hyp, RNLPP)'.
  • Investment. £998 (standard booking). There is no need to pay for the whole course at once, you can pay for individual modules as you take them. Investment for each module is £599

Whatever my future holds, these techniques will always be applied in some form 'out there'.M, Ivybridge

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Here is just a fraction of what you'll learn
  • Relevant historical events in the development of Hypnosis.
  • Nature of Hypnosis and Suggestion.
  • Forms of Hypnosis: Direct, indirect, authorotarian, permissive.
  • Misconceptions About Hypnosis
  • When not to hypnotise.
  • Dealing with abreactions.
  • How to refer the subject to a more experienced practitioner and after care provision.
  • Structuring a hypnosis session using Six Step Hypnosis format.
  • The structure of a hypnosis session from wide awake to deep trance and intermediate levels.
  • How to perform the Six Step Hypnosis method.
  • How to get people ready and willing to be hypnotised.
  • How to use stories, metaphors and converstaional hypnosis.
  • How to use and read body language.
  • How to elicit arm catelepsy and deep hypnotic phenomena.
  • How to 'read' ideomotor responses.
  • How to use hypnotic language.
  • How to construct metaphors and powerful suggestions.

"I have no idea how you work so congruently and from memory. Your energy and enthusiasm are boundless and infectious." John, Hypnotherapist.

"My certification is brilliant and a wonderful result from your course" Rita, Therapist, Coach and Trainer

2 Module Six Step Hypnosis
Course details:
  • Title:Six Step Hypnosis
  • Starts: Flexible start dates
  • Location: Taunton

Investment: £1,198.00.(Standard Booking
£998 (Early Booking)

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Diamond Practitioner Training

Investment: £599.00 per module (standard booking)
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While we do we'll guarantee you a place on any module at just £399.00

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5 questions you need to ask before choosing a course or practitioner

Whether you're looking for a course, or an individual Practitioner, asking these questions will you save you time and £ £ £

They believe that techniques and scripts are like magic spells you pick from a book.

What technique is best for this? Or
What script is best for that? are valid questions if the technique or script is seen as a guide or framework, BUT, not if they are seen as guaranteed " cures and fixes ".
Techniques and scripts come in all shapes and sizes, some of them are good, some are bad, some are devised by experienced practitioners, some are created by people who know little or nothing about NLP & hypnosis.

The trouble is, because the techique or script is considered infallible, if it doesn't work; for example, doesn't help you feel confident, then you could get the blame for being ‘ resistant ’

Solution: Choose a professional who uses scripts and techniques as frameworks and tailors them to your individual circumstances.

They make people fit techniques instead of making techniques fit people.
I'm afraid anyone taking this approach is simply following instructions without any understanding of the patterns at all. They've learnt a hundred techniques for a hundred possible scenarios,

''' BUT ''' you wouldn't learn French by memorising a hundred sentences for a hundred encounters. That's the beginners way AND

It's the same with NLP & Hypnosis.

Solution: Choose a professional who can explain why they choose one technique over another and how it produces the effects it's supposed to. This will demonstrate a deep understanding of the technique or script which means they can adapt techniques to you...not you to techniques.

No interest in wider subjects that concern the human condition.
NLP & hypnosis are just as much Art as they are Science.

If your trainer∕practitioner is not versed or interested in wider subjects, art, history, philosophy, spirituality, and clings instead to reports, data and statistics then they will be unable to create simple, effective and user friendly ways of facillitating change in the real world. You'll be seen as a "Human system" and be expected to behave as one.

Solution: When making your enquiries drop some references to wider subjects into the conversation and see the response. The ability to see multiple perspectives is an essential skill for a Practitioner and you only get that if you educate yourself as to what those perspectives are.

Using venues that re-enforce your existing habits, thoughts and feelings.
Fundamentally, the reason you are engaging with NLP & hypnosis is to learn about yourself and explore your potential.

If your learning environment is essentially the same as your work environment, even if it's an upmarket hotel, then it makes it harder to try out new ideas and new ways of doing things. Worst case scenario; you retreat back to the safety of old behaviours and ways of being in the world.

Solution: Ask why they use the venue they do. If it's obvious that it's chosen for it's feel good factor or sense of affluence rather than its suitability as a learning environment then I would choose someone else.
Don't value real practice and one on one engagement.
The most obvious and the most important

the more face to face time you get for your money....the better.
Just think about anything you've ever learned. Wasn't it easier when you had someone to show you how it's done, someone to answer questions as they come up and point you in the right direction?

It's harder and takes longer to work it out for yourself, hours searching the internet or 30 seconds asking a real person? We know this, but we also weigh up the costs.

Trouble is "Certificate issuing" is big business these days and you might end up with a bunch of certificates but no real skills.

Solution Don't be dazzled by impressive looking logos, crests and seals. They are all private companies and they need to make a profit or they go bust. Look beyond, who is doing the actual training, how long have they been doing it, how much one on one time are they willing to invest in you.

Click on a calendar date for details of courses, modules and start dates.

Diamond NLP Training
A NEW way of learning, using & teaching NLP

  • a New way of thinking
  • a New way of doing
  • a New way to create change

Created for 21st Century life & work.
Compliments your existing skills.
Accredited, professional training.
Established and experienced trainer.

Active NLP The professional choice

The idea that any single 'psychology system' can do it all has had it's day.
Meanwhile the ability to use a multi model approach is fast becoming industry standard.
Luckily it's something we've been doing for years

so we are well ahead of the game.

Skills with an edge ❭❭

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